Onboarding New Clients on Intercompany: A Comprehensive Guide

Our cloud platform, Intercompany, is equipped with a robust onboarding process, guided by our dedicated Customer Success team. Recognized as a pivotal phase in the customer journey, our onboarding is meticulously designed to ensure clients get off to a strong start, embodying the philosophy that a good beginning is halfway to success. The onboarding process is segmented into five distinct steps, including an optional preliminary stage for optimization.

•  Step 0: Optimization (Optional): This preparatory stage is tailored for clients who seek an extra layer of customization. We offer to optimize their data, workflows, calculations, and transfer pricing policies. This step ensures that the platform is fine-tuned to meet the specific needs and nuances of the client's operational framework.

•  Step 1: Policy, Data, and Workflow Mapping: Central to our onboarding process, this step involves a deep dive into the client's existing systems. We thoroughly map out their policies, data structures, and workflows. This step is particularly beneficial for new transfer pricing teams or managers who have recently stepped into managing these processes. It provides them with a clear understanding of their current systems and how Intercompany will enhance and integrate with these processes.

•  Step 2: Configuration: In this phase, we configure Intercompany to align with the client's specific requirements. This involves setting up standard configurations and implementing any custom configurations that have been agreed upon. Our aim is to tailor the platform to suit the unique operational needs of each client.

•  Step 3: Test, Training, and Documentation: A critical phase where we ensure everything is functioning seamlessly. We conduct extensive testing and provide comprehensive training to the client's team. This empowers them to effectively use Intercompany. We also provide detailed documentation for reference, aiding in the smooth operation and future reference.

•  Step 4: Go Live and Hypercare: The transition to the live environment is supported by our hypercare phase. During this time, our team is exceptionally available to assist the client, addressing any immediate concerns and ensuring a confident and successful start in using our platform.

•  Step 5: BAU (Business As Usual) and Ongoing Support: As clients move into their regular business routine with Intercompany, our support continues. We provide ongoing assistance, offering one hour per month of dedicated support to address any evolving needs or questions, ensuring long-term success and satisfaction.

This structured approach to onboarding is designed to not just familiarize clients with Intercompany, but to integrate them into an ecosystem of efficiency, adaptability, and continuous support, fostering a lasting and fruitful partnership.