Intercompany® Base

At the heart of the Intercompany® platform lies the Base module, a cornerstone for tax and transfer pricing professionals. By consolidating entity structures, defining precise data formats, and setting user roles, it's the starting point for rigorous tax documentation and transfer pricing methodologies. Before delving into complex intercompany transactions, ensure that your foundational data is aligned, consistent, and compliant with global standards.

Intercompany® BI

Elevate your data strategy in the realm of transfer pricing with the BI Business Intelligence module. Powered by Microsoft Power BI, this module transforms raw data into actionable insights, granting tax and finance professionals an unparalleled view of their most critical information. Construct in depth reports with flexibility, engage with drill-down capabilities, and visualize complex datasets with ease. In the intricate world of transfer pricing compliance, analytics, and reporting, this tool stands as a gamechanger, enabling users to stay ahead of the curve, making data-driven decisions with confidence and precision

Intercompany® Cost Recharges

The Cost Recharges module provides a precise framework for managing intercompany recharges in line with transfer pricing guidelines. Facilitate accurate allocations, validate arm's length charges, and maintain documentation that stands up to regulatory scrutiny. Navigate the complexities of intercompany transactions with confidence in your compliance.

Intercompany® Margin Monitoring

In the realm of transfer pricing, margins are more than just numbers; they're the outcome of intricate calculations and arm's length comparisons. Margin Management dives into the complex world of intercompany profit margins, ensuring that your transfer prices aren't just set, but are defensible, benchmarked, and compliant. Navigate through profit level indicators, comparability analyses, and adjustments with a tool designed for the transfer pricing aficionado.

Intercompany® P&L Segmentation

Analyzing a P&L statement through the lens of tax and transfer pricing is an art. P&L Segmentation offers tax professionals a dissected view, highlighting segments that matter for transfer pricing adjustments, risk assessments, and value chain analyses. Pinpoint potential profit shifts, identify high-risk jurisdictions, and align your financials with transfer pricing policies. It's not just about understanding your P&L, it's about making it tax audit-ready.

Intercompany® ETR

Tax optimization requires an in-depth understanding of the global tax landscape. The Effective Tax Rate module offers insights into jurisdictional income considerations, tax regulations, and BEPS implications. Achieve a proactive stance on your tax position, ensuring alignment with evolving international tax principles.

Intercompany® CBCR

Addressing the stringent requirements of OECD's Country-by-Country Reporting, the CBCR Compliance module is designed for tax professionals committed to accurate and timely compliance. Efficiently compile and report on revenues, pre-tax profits, tax paid and accrued, and all pertinent activities for each tax jurisdiction. Ensure data accuracy, consistency, and readiness for potential reviews or inquiries. With shifting global tax landscapes and increased transparency mandates, this tool provides the clarity and precision needed for CBCR obligations.

Intercompany® Pillar II

Step into the forefront of international tax strategy with the Pillar II Compliance module. Harmoniously blending the intricacies of OECD's BEPS Pillar II framework with user friendly tools, this module becomes an essential ally for tax professionals navigating the nuanced waters of ensuring a minimum taxation level. As global tax landscapes evolve, wield this module to both elegantly embrace the poetry of compliance and stand steadfast against the potential storms of regulatory scrutiny. Illuminate the path towards not just adhering to Pillar II, but mastering its every nuance, ensuring that your multinational enterprise remains both compliant and strategically poised

Intercompany® Task Management

Embark on a seamless journey through the labyrinth of tax projects, authority communications, and vital documentation with the Task Management module. Designed for the discerning tax professional, this tool effortlessly marries the robustness required for compliance with the elegance of intuitive design. Organize projects, engage in timely dialogues with tax regulators, safeguard crucial documents, and never miss a beat on critical deadlines. With the weight of compliance ever-present, let this module be your compass, ensuring every task, big or small, is managed, monitored, and mastered with finesse.

Intercompany® Loans

Efficiently navigate the complexities of intercompany financing with the Loan Management module. Designed for tax and finance professionals, this tool ensures precise management of intercompany loans. Utilize externally benchmarked interest rates to validate and calculate accurate interest margins. Ensure compliance by verifying that appropriate interest amounts are charged across entities. With an integrated dashboard, get a comprehensive overview of all loans, ensuring every transaction adheres to arm's length standards and regulatory requirements.