Quantify the effect of Pillar 2 regulations on your tax exposure with our Pillar 2 Calculator

Use our flexible data engine to perform Pillar 2 calculations and see if any Top-Up Tax is due.

Collect data
Allows users to input or import financial figures, tax returns, and other relevant data to establish the ETR calculation basis.
Quantify Top-up Tax
Calculates the Excess Profit after subtracting any substance-based income exclusions and multiplies with the Top-Up Tax percentage to quantify the Top-Up Tax due.
GloBE Income and Covered Taxes calculations
Automatically calculates GloBE income and adjusted covered taxes based on input data.
Report with the in-built dashboards or export the results to standard excel reports.
Effective tax rate and Top-Up Tax Percentage
Calculates the difference between the effective tax paid and the 15% minimum tax threshold to identify the top-up tax percentage due in any jurisdiction.
Forecast and scenarios
Analyse the impact of Pillar 2 on projected data: Input your actuals and forecast linearly or otherwise to see how your tax exposure is impacted in different scenarios.

Curious to find out more?

Our Pillar 2 Calculator is in development with planned release Q4 2023.
Leave your email in the chat to keep updated about the release date and to get a preview of our beta version before release.