About us.

About us.


Our mission is to build digital tax and transfer pricing functions with the efficiency, focus and transparency Group Finance, Group Tax and Group Transfer Pricing need to get their best work done, and no more than 10% of time is spent on collecting and preparing intercompany financial data and the majority of time is spent on understanding the data and managing the transfer pricing structure proactively.

Intercompany® means faster, more efficient and more accurate transfer pricing closings. It will save you time and cost, and reduce your risk. The magic in our solutions lie in how we organise financial data in transfer pricing units (TPUs) that form part of a legal entity but for transfer pricing purposes are unique transfer pricing reporting units with their own and unique transfer pricing methods, profit level indicators, target profits, and segmented P&L. This enables quick configuration and data integration with ERP systems.

In short, Intercompany® is the software your transfer pricing policy deserves.

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