About us.

About us.


Intercompany® is the world’s first multi tenant plug and play performance management cloud software for automating the Transfer Pricing (TP) compliance process in Multinational Enterprises, which is essentially about working with financial data at a level that is unsupported in ERP systems and therefore managed manually in spreadsheets in most Multinational Enterprises.

Intercompany® is a bolt on data engine that integrates with existing ERP systems and enables Finance and Tax/TP to effortlessly work with, manage and understand their intercompany financial data in much more detail and in more effective and transparent ways than previously possible.

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• Replace manual steps in the monthly, quarterly and year-end transfer pricing and tax reporting with fast and accurate automated executions.
• Free up time to better understand and manage intercompany data, resulting in more informed decision-making on TP policies.
• Unparalleled transparency and audit trail of TP policy execution including financial data, processes and calculations.
• Improved risk management through removal of human and/or spreadsheet calculation error.

Intercompany® Suite.

Intercompany® Transfer Pricing Manager

Manage the end-to-end transfer pricing compliance process including preparing basic ERP data for the TP analysis, margin follow-up and calculation of TP adjustments with a few clicks.

Intercompany® ETR Manager

YTD and forecast full-year Group Effective Tax Rate at your fingertips.

Intercompany® Cost Recharge Manager

Manage the cost recharge framework for central and regional Group functions including cost base, direct and indirect allocations, mark-up rates etc. with a few clicks.

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